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As a Boston Terrier owner and Breeder, we wanted to share what we love about these little smashed-in faced dogs and hope you have a place in your heart for a special companion.


Understanding and knowledge about these little guys will go a long way in helping build a wonderful relationship with the special Boston you choose to bring home. I hope you will find on our website some helpful tips and find it a useful resource about this very loving and special breed.


Before purchasing a Boston Terrier, PLEASE review the history page and read the Boston Terrier Standard of what you should look for in a Boston Terrier. Also PLEASE buy from a reputable breeder that will sell you a puppy with a health guarantee and provide you with a sales contract stating their guarantee. A back yard breeder, kitchen breeder, pet store or puppy mill, usually will not provide a health guarantee past 48 hours and will not be there when you need to ask questions if you think there is something wrong with your puppy. You might pay less for your puppy from these outfits, but in the long run, your vet bills and their health issues later in life will outweigh the reputable breeders charges for a healthy puppy and guarantee. No one, including reputable breeders can guarantee against all hereditary diseases, but a reputable breeder is well informed about their breeds health issues, they routinely test for health issues and will inform prospective buyers of any problems or issues they have found or may find. Ask the prospective breeder for any health certificates they have on the parents of the puppies and if the puppies have been tested or when they should be tested.


The breeder should ask you many questions about your lifestyle, family, other pets you own, your experience as a pet owner, and may even ask you to fill out a questionnaire or application. These questions are NOT asked with the intention of being "nosy" or into your business, but are asked because the breeder is concerned and truly care about the future health, life and home they will be placing the puppy into.


Good reputable breeders DO NOT advertise in the newspaper because they usually get more referrals than they have puppies to place from other good breeders, their clubs, and other repeat BT lovers they have sold puppies too.


You should be able to visit the reputable breeders facilities, to meet the dam and possibly the sire, the aunts, uncles, cousins, as these breeders are very proud of their line or send pictures and pedigrees if not already on their website if you live too far away.


Some questions you can ask the breeder you are considering buying a puppy from are:


1) Will they stand behind his breeding and puppy?


2) Do they provide a contract and health guarantee? If so, what is the time frame for guarantee?


3) What dog clubs are they a member of?


4) Do they show their dogs in conformation, obedience, rally or agility at the dog shows? If so, when was the last time they showed their dog? (Showing dogs is a way for breeders to keep up on whether their dogs match the standard and compare their dogs to others of the same breed for breed standard. Obedience, rally or agility titles are also good benchmarks for temperament and behavior ).


5) What activities do they do with their dogs?


6) If you cannot keep the puppy for any reason, no matter what the age, will they guarantee you can return it to them?


As Boston Terrier owners and champion breeders, we strive to always consider the Boston Terrier’s health and temperament, to keep their unique characteristics, and to adhere to the AKC breed standard.


Just a reminder that having a registered puppy with AKC does not guarantee quality, only that the pup’s parents are also registered. It is up to you as a buyer to do your homework, ask questions, and be patient for the right puppy for you. BEWARE of breeders who say their line is free of health problems. No breed is without health issues.


I hope you are thinking of adding a Boston Terrier as a family member. They make the best companions. If you are lucky enough to already own a Boston Terrier, then you must agree, they are just incredibly SPECIAL. I hope you can find the time to share your special story of you and your Boston with pictures with us.

<Oh Ashley, Ashley!


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Please let us know how we can help you find the perfect Boston to grace your life

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